the Nemesis Project
- a statement - a curse - a reflection upon the contemporary cultural environment! A passionate drama of madness, murder and art! And, perhaps, in the end, of murder as a form of art...
With 16 original illustrations by the swedish artist Björn Öberg and with the insane music of the Equinox ov the Gods the poetic lyrics of Fredrik Wallin is here brought to life in a unique and captivating way!

Information and prices

the Nemesis Project is now at last manifested and distributed to the public. Due to the limited availability we must, however, urge you to send us an e-mail to info<at> to check the availability of your desired item!

All prices below include shipping costs!

* CD-single and booklet - limited to 100 copies only.
The booklet (40 pages) is pro-printed and with original illustrations by the artist Björn Öberg. Each copy of the booklet is numbered.
The single contains the songs Nemesis and Finis Malorum performed by the Equinox ov the Gods. It is recorded and produced by Marcus Edvardsson, Daniel Dlimi and the Equinox ov the Gods at the Empire Studio, Frösön.
The single and the booklet are not sold separately!
Swe 150 SEK, EU 17 EUR, World 24 USD

* T-shirt - a pro-printed T-shirt of high quality with an illustration from the booklet on the front and a wicked quotation from the lyrics on the back. White print on a black shirt. Available in size M, L and girly M. Very limited!
Swe 190 SEK, EU 21 EUR, World 29 USD

* T-shirt, CD-single and the booklet - the ultimate dark magick hex pack!
Swe 300 SEK, EU 33 EUR, World 46 USD

How to order
Simply send an e-mail to info<at> to check if your desired merchandise is still in stock.
When your order is confirmed you use paypal to transfer the payment to us.
As soon as we get the notice from paypal that your money is on its way we send you your package!

In Darkness We Trust!

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