This is the Book of Shadows of the Equinox ov the Gods. Here is to be read the chants and rhymes recorded and used during our live dark magick performances. Study it well!

The End of Days

The End of Days

Sky clad dance the magick black as the ravens’ eyes tonight
The unseen draped in darkness spawn of the twilight
Will join us in our circle and chant with us the runes
To weave the spells of holy war beneath the pale full moon

Blessed with wormwood visions unfold now ‘fore our eyes
The secrets of the darkest arts of death the grand devise
Our book of shadows inked in blood our goetia will reveal
A path forbidden and by time buried and concealed

Nightshade Belladonna
Adorn forgotten graves
With your demonic beauty
Bring us now the end of days
Bring us the end
The end of days

Awake now from your slumber
From your dreamless sleep tonight
By the gates of death you’ve waited
We summon you
Now rise…

Three times six the crucifix now broken and defiled
The words inverted as Lords’ prayer is recited heretic style
Thirteen candles lit the bell chimes now the time has come
Thunder roars a cold wind blows the war has just begun

Devilry witches vile at work sharpening the torture spells
We scorch the heavens with the screams of dying angels bound for hell
A black magick crazed apocalypse with a hellish roar ablaze
The deathly words of the inferno mass bring us now the end of days

Nightshade Belladonna
Adorn forgotten graves
With your demonic beauty
Bring us now the end of days
Bring us the end
The end of days

Gothic Lullaby

White lie my bride on her silken sheet
Red as the blossom of crimson deeds
Her dress is stained by the sins she craved
I am damned I fear I can not be saved
With a smile she kissed my life goodbye
And so begins this gothic lullaby

Carnal, her intentions
She whispered to me
A shameless invitation
To the cemetery
To play in the moonlight
Where the dead are laid to rest
To rejoice in the flesh
Among the ghostlike silhouettes
Of the statues and tombstones
Surrounding the scene
Where love turned into
The most horrible dream
The truth of her nature
So cunningly concealed
Was in the heat of the moment
Suddenly revealed...

Aroused by the passion
That flavoured her kiss
Bewitched by the heat
She rode me to bliss
She bid me to enter
The cavern of sin
The temple flesh
Erected therein
I drank from the nectar
That streamed from her well
While she opened my veins
And the gateway to hell
Lost where all hope
Of salvation and grace
The path of the damned
Was for me to embrace...

White lie my bride in our foul retreat
So cold and pale in her winding sheets
Far from the sun in a desecrated grave
I am damned I fear I can not be saved

Stygian shadow
Among shadows malign

Plague bringer
Of gloom and demise
A pestilence disguised
An apparition of life


Ghastly spirits unchained roam
Pitch black oceans nevermore
Bound to serve stillborn thoughts
Nevermore enslaved to fight and die for naught

Fear the flag of raging storms
Adorned with skull and bones
The wolf pack of the midnight sea
Hunts you down to Davy Jones

A holy war has been declared
The hooded troops are waiting eagerly prepared
From the shadows bricks are thrown
At the puppets of the corrupted state and law

Crimson symphonies performed
In orchestral black chain mail
A prelude in chaos and heavy rain
Of Molotov cocktails


Lucifer smiles
A light in his eyes
He still remember
A rebellion divine
Recalled as malign
And the rot of heaven
He sees how they rise
Like fires ignite
By a glowing ember
And his spirit lives on


In the midst of the clockwork people
A question’s raised and the cogwheels break
The system fails the operators
The engineers face the riots rage

We cannot die!

The Way of the Serpent

Tranquility kiss the paralyzed bliss come flowing red as the blood that is shed
On the way of the serpent of the abysmal sea by venom and dagger and foul witchery
Souls dissolve as mysteries unfold in the dead of the night haunted and cold
Heart piercing fangs eat their way through the flesh of the mass born to bondage
And death

Sucking the fat off the flogged sacrifice
Defiling the temple of life
The way of the serpent a scourge of mankind
The carnivorous plague of the night
Ceremonial slaughter in clandestine kill
For Leviathan great let fate now embrace
Our black hearts with the power and the glory
Of the way of hell
In shadows we eagerly wait

From sewers and dungeons and pits dripping wet
Spawn of the gorgons rise from the depths
Bring hell unto earth let your gaze petrify
The vermin that soil the sight of our eyes

We’re culling the herd
A crimson disease spreads like wildfire
We’re burning the fields
To summon the massacre storm that will shred
The flesh off the living and spare nothing
From death

Swift as the viper lethal we strike
The way of the serpent of terror and fright
Blasphemous offspring of Satan now rise
From the lair of the adder Armageddon in sight

Come friends of disaster hellbound and free
The storm let it roar its choral of war
Over cities in ruin and corpses ablaze
The Garden of Eden and heaven in flames

The Gallows Lord

Whisper my names
To the murder of crows
To the twilight
And to the cold wind that blows
Through your marrow and bones
Through your heart and your soul
Whisper my names
To the worms and the mould

Walk in my shadows
And know that I’m near
When you least expect it
I’m the moment you fear
I’m the father of nightmares
I am time passing by
Walk in my shadows
Until it’s your turn to die

Swing back and forth
To the choir of flies
Swing back and forth
In the suns fading light
Swing back and forth
I will hold you so tight
Swing back and forth
While we dance through the night
Swing back and forth
To the choir of flies
Swing back and forth
In the suns fading light
Swing back and forth
At the end of the rope
Swing back and forth
So far beyond hope



Where the seed of gods where left to grow to reach beyond the stars
Foul minds of deception have defiled the soil and scarred
The golden trees of free ideas and the spirits that hid therein
And upon this stage of counterfeit let my drama now begin...

With axe in hand
I clear a path
Through the sterile fields
Of conformity
So violently
Forced upon me
Now you'll see
The madness
That burn in my eyes
The rage
That without disguise
Grind and crush
Your canvas clones
Your defence is gone
Oh worthless clown

Let my curse now be fulfilled
Come Angels of murder - Kill!

I see your pale corpse lie
In shadows carved
In putrid flesh
The words you stole
A bitter fall
You faced the end
Bled white as snow
I saw your work of art
Hatched by the germs
And the mindless worms
Crawling through
Your cranial cavities
I'll set them free!

Unleashed they'll feast
Upon your suffocated fantasies
How grim is not the fate
That awaits
The one who realize too late
The stillborn child
With toothless jaws
That bites and gnaws
At the very core
Of the crumbling soul
The wrinkled heart
The hollowed soul

Now torn apart
The veil of precious arts
And 'fore my eyes
A pit of reeking lies
Where maggots feed
Guzzling with endless greed
To multiply
To flood the world outside

As visions die
Defiled and sacrificed
A swarm of flies
Toward the heaven rise
To cloud the sky
To obscure the light divine
A viral tide
And now I realise...

The blessing of the disease!

Nemesis - Your sword is mine!
Another one will die!
Another one will die!

In the shallow gallery
On display for all to see
A legion of flies
Archangels of apathy

For the plague and disease
That they spread when unleashed
For the death that they brought
To the whores that adored
The lie and the sacred art
Now defiled
Hail to the flies!
All hail to the flies!

Nemesis - Your sword is mine!
Another one will die!
Another one will die!

Finis Malorum

I am the curse
To be fulfilled
I am the angel of murder
I have come for the kill

I am fire!
I am disease!
I am Nemesis!

What will you do when I am coming for you?
What will you do?
What will you do?
Will you try to escape me when you realise?
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?

I'll burn down the trees
All rotten and dead
To be able to see
The forest ahead
My method is madness
No more and no less
Than annihilation
With no greater finesse
I slaughter perspectives
The filthy collectives
Are subjects to actions
Abstract and corrective
This is a happening
Naive and surreal
A murderous concept
Of brimstone and steel

Our hearts are infested
With maggots and flies
Our souls have been sold
To the lord of reprise...

Nothing is sacred
What lie within reach
We plague and present
As our next masterpiece...

[Enter Nemesis]

A ballroom chainsaw
Massacre waltz
With the accent on the first
Beat of three I assault

I'll make you a painting
Avant-garde? So Cliché!
The blood splattered canvas
I'll put on display

For all to see
In my sick gallery
A demented expose
Of art decomposed

Left there to die
On the walls crucified
Feeding the flies
Another strained smile...
Now good bye...

Finis coronat opus
Finis malorum

Fragments of Lust and Decay

the Wrath of Angels
(To Alicia and Korpdottir)

By my side you spent the nights
Weaving dreams to last forever
Forging memories to last
Beyond the moment
Beyond the night
But we were cursed
To live the eternal darkness
Beneath the moon
We will defy
the Wrath of angels

Cursed by fate we fell from grace
The word was ripped out from our chests
We saw the gates of heaven fade away before our eyes
(we said goodbye)
As our sun went down for the last time
We awoke entombed in separate graves
Beneath the moon
We will defy
the Wrath of angels

To embrace your innocence
I’m longing for
The taste of nectar
From your lips
A word
A song
Of joy
A kiss...
...Of moonlight
Sparkling eyes
A tender touch
In a dream
For me
To see
How it could be...

In your eyes
A glimpse of light
Of paradise
Burning bright
Still I see
Before me
How it could be
For you
For me

A time I recall before our fall
From heavens grace and golden halls
(When) I mesmerized adored your eyes
the most precious jewels on the starlit sky

In a dream I saw
how the wolf his raven sought

Beneath the moon
in snow and frost
He sang his songs
of grief and loss

The wrath of angels
tore us apart
The wrath of angels
bleed my heart

The wrath of angels

The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts

This celebration
The blind god smiles
At us tonight

Resounding with laughter
The night is alive
A night to remember
For those who have died

Spirits have risen
To gather around
The gifted child
With angel’s eyes
Shunned by the living
Loved by the dead
He’s in league with the devil
Or so they say…

Resounding with laughter
The night is alive
A night to remember
For those who have died
The flotsam and jetsam
Of the other side
The ragged and torn…
The pale and forlorn…

The ragged and torn…
The pale and forlorn…

Fearless he moves
Among shadows and tombs
In the dead of the night
By the light of the moon
For he’s the boy who dances with ghosts…

The Needle Twins

disolve 'fore our eyes
the prophet burn
a paradise
appear in screams
and raging fire
licks the flesh
of our sacrifice

If I could dream…
I would dream you through
An endless vision
We failed to see
Now burn the prophets…
For what they saw…
No hope, no future…
We failed to see…

Through life…

If I could dream…
We failed to see…
Our eyes were opened…
The Blind one's dream?
No time for reason
Down they fell
Before our eyes
Our blinded eyes

Through Hell…

"Eyes shadow blessed
by night light reaper
Of hollowed souls dressed
for their funeral
Stare through the abyss
Where the maggots are crumbling
At the core of the mass
never born"

See the ghosts I left behind,
Upon the reeking pile
Of twisted human flesh
I stare and watch it grow,
Underneath the moon so cold
The ravens die as foretold
By the prophets in the flames
the Blind one smiles he knows our name

And we failed to see
If I could dream…
And we failed to see
If I could dream…
No time for reason
Down they fell…
Before our eyes
If I could dream…

Opus Umbrarum

The shadows smiled and invited me
“Come to us. We’ll set you free
This is your time, can’t you see?
We’ll end your pain and misery!”

In the wind I can hear them call
Urging me to redem my soul
I watch the candle in front of me
Flicker and die
Now I can see…

Through the hollow illusions
The emptiness of life
A shattered existence
I have made up my mind…

“Never mind to say goodbye
Who will miss you?
Who will cry?”

The shadows smiled and invited me
“Come to us. We’ll set you free
No more thoughts and memories
No more pain and misery…”

The hollow illusions
The essence of life
A shattered existence
I have made up my mind…


"per dolorem ad caelum"
(Opus Umbrarum)

Necropolis (Revisited)

I see no stars in the sky
No clouds are passing by
I see no sun nor moon
Necropolis-The city of doom

The sand glows grey and cold
Outside the city, where I stand and behold
The bleached bones rises high
Necropolis-Made of those who have died

In a shroud I am dressed
As if I am laid to my final rest
Twisted souls welcome me
Necropolis- My sanctuary

Necropolis- Mourns and wails
Necropolis- Agony prevails

The Raven
(to Korpdottir)

Angel, kiss goodbye the shadows
A last farewell to the hollowed one
For my dead soul a revival
As you lift me high up from the ground

In your arms I felt the fire
A blood red passion burning bright
In your eyes I saw a reason
And the past fade out of sight

A last kiss, goodbye
I’m leaving
A last kiss
For the joy
The devil smiled
As you spread your wings
The Raven flies…

I left the world
Dead and buried
In the filthy memories
Of life itself
Which I ignored
While I was breathing

Dark eyes filled with silent wonders
Devoured my soul and made me see
Black wings laced with silver moonlight
Embrace my heart through an endless dream

In your eyes
Beyond our dream
Take me high
Spread your wings
The Raven flies

The Invisible

Fear me…

In shadows
In the darkness
And the cold
Pale and unwanted
Branded and scorned
A plague…
A plague to the eyes…

The eyes
The eyes that see only illusions
The eyes
The lies

See through my naked body
Deny me if you can
The slow death of your infant soul
I enjoy
I destroy
The eyes

The world is now my hiding place
My shadows
The cold
I feel so cold…
Wrapped in the stained sheets
Of your cheap motel sanctuary
A plague to the eyes that see only illusions
An angel’s wings
Blackened with the sweetest of sins
Fear me
For I’m real

Stigmata MMVII

Carry my soul on the
Black wings of your ecstasy
Lift it up high
Towards the heavens in blasphemy
I am what I am
What I forever will be
In the name of Jesus Christ
Bleed for me!


Carry my soul on the
Black wings of your ecstasy
The death of an angel
The sacrifice of purity
Impaled by faith
Desecrated is your sanctuary
In Hoc Signo
Bleed for me!


Behold the sign in my hand
I hold the key to the wonderland
The path is clear I'll lead the way
Follow me and don't walk astray
And if you really loves me true
Can I ask one thing from you
Show your love for all to see
Will you bleed for me?

Until the Light of Day

My treasure, I can smell your fear
You know you’re not alone
You pray your lord your soul to keep…
Well, he may. When I am done

Where’s your precious god now I ask thee
I do not fear thy crucifix…

Your life is mine for me to take.
To feast upon at night
Like a cup of nectar, sweet
I’ll drink you with delight

Oblivion takes you in her arms
For a dance throughout the night
Whirling around in a crimson gown
You stare into the devils eyes
Embraced by dreams and shadows smooth
You slowly fade away
Into the dark and silent void
Of death to there remain

Just another dream in crimson
For the slaughter another sheep
A god awakes
To let you die alone
And deep within the dreamers tower
the ball continues for another night
'till the light of day
and silence reclaims its throne

No life

Through dreams I wander
Your smile engulfed my mind
I fear the dawn is drawing nigh
I fear the end of every night

Just keep me dreaming
Another life waits to be
Explored in the light
Radiating from the divine
Passion that is present
As the fire burning bright
In your eyes
In the moonlight
I see the ghost that I've come to be

Just keep me dreaming
Let my life be defined
By the temptations that you bring me
On my lonesome path through the night
Summoned by the vanity
Of a hope that was not meant to be
Embraced by someone
Someone like me
I see

No life!

I fade away for a dream
that seem to be forever beyond reach
Unnoticed by the angel
I die each night unseen
for a dream

I'm reaching for the sun, unseen,
In hope that the angel that dwell therein
Will notice me and take me into her dream

I realize it was all in vain
My wings are burning and I fall again
Into a maelstrom of agony and screams

No life! - Through dreams I wander
No life! - Your smile engulfed my mind
No life! - I fear the dawn is drawing nigh
No life! - I've closed the last door
No life! - Unseen I walk through life
No life! - I fear the end of every night
No life! - I fear the end is drawing nigh
No life! - I fear the end is drawing nigh

Where Angels Dare Not Tread

…for the Scarecrow (Mk III)

Upon shallow graves
The sisters (are) dancing
Upon the bones of seven dead
Through raven's eyes
The ghosts are watching
Through a realm of pain
They slowly move

Seven daggers buried deep
The seven sisters never sleep

On this night of the scarecrow
The blood-moon shines
Seven corpses never found
The masque of the dead
They wear tonight
The seven sisters with raven's eyes

For the angel- the Scarecrow- The broken one
Whose wings are but shadows in the setting sun
The unhallowed sisters dance tonight
Kissed by the devil in the pale moon light

Seven phantoms - seven graves
Seven sisters without names
Blessed by the Scarecrow
Blessed by the night
Torn and broken shadows dance
The angel is watching
In shrouds of mist and spiders web
The seven sisters with raven's eyes

The Endless

Torn apart
The moonlit night
The silence
And then no more
Left to die
In another dream
I would shine
It would be mine…

The silent one before me rise
I watch him glow…
So cold and naked…
His eyes are burned away

I stare into the darkness
Where nothing can be seen
Tears fall from my weary eyes
Nothing can be seen

Fading dreams and visions
Purity has its price
The silent one, the Endless…
Staring with empty eyes
Across the room upon the wall
Motionless I hang
Denied my life
In another dream
I would shine
It would be mine…

Torn apart
The moonlit night
The silence
And then no more
Left to die
In another dream
I would shine
It would be mine…

The silent one before me rise
I watch him glow…
So cold and naked…
His eyes are burned away

And one by one
The statues came to life
As if driven by an unseen force
Slowly they moved
With heavy steps through the portal
Toward the great unknown
And then…
No more…

the Night of the Dreamer

Upon the moor
A ragged shape
So silent stand
In your dreams
With outstretched wings
The Angel dance
So dark and fearful
Can you see his face?
And then another vision
Will this never end?

Dark and deep
The endless sea
Where the dreamer dwells
Belial felt
The dragons breathe
Then the Angels fell
To play among the shadows
Can you hear them call?
Penetrate the silence
Will you heed their call?

Another night
The Broken one
Is back again
The Scarecrow
Can't be banished
Who will hear you pray?
Upon the moor in silence
Heed the dreamers call
It penetrate the silence
Will you heed their call?


Black blood. Dust and ashes.
In the spiders web the fly is lost
Dead eyes in darkness prying
Within my corpse the worms still crawl

Bleached bones 'round my throne lie scattered
Where life once bloomed now silence rule
Faceless A dark god now risen
To purge the earth, to thin the heard
Brought to life in silence
Out of worm infested graves
In darkness I've risen
To curse the world again

The Earth is dead…

The black wounds never healing
Welcome death, I've come to you
The hellish pain increasing
My legacy I've brought to you

Brought to life in silence
Out of worm infested graves
In darkness I've risen
To curse the world again

The Earth is dead…

The Nameless City

Pale shines the moon above me
It lights my way through the desert night
How much further do I have to wander?
How much more must I sacrifice?

Mentioned only by the mad one
The nameless city - shunned by all
What awaits I can't imagine
In my thoughts the poet's words I recall:

"That is not dead which can eternal lie
And through strange aeons even death may die…"

The wind… Unspeakable…
so cold… so cold…
A presence… in the dark…
the wind… it tears my soul

Behind the walls… Underneath the towers…
Of this cursed city… the horror I faced…
Beyond belief… I stared into the abyss…
The Labyrinth… The tombs of glass…
Twisted and grotesque… the demonic corpses.
They looked at me… with empty eyes…
And I swear… And I swear…
I saw them move. The mad poet…
His words… "That is not dead…"

The Lake

Voices, sweet and beckoning
In your mind, leads you the way
Guides you through the blackened night
They've promised that you'll be safe

Shadows dance before your eyes
To a tune the devil plays
You're mesmerized by his tender songs
From the depths of the cursed lake

The fog lie thick, on the surface dark
At the shore you stand alone
With empty eyes, at the lake you stare
Soon the devil will take his bride

Take his hand, join the dance
Leave this world so far behind
A night of joy, then oblivion
Within the depths of the cursed lake

The Tower

Behind the walls I hide where the sun cannot reach me
Within the tower where you can't see my face
Through dust I slowly stride where the night is forever
Within the tower where you can't see my face

One step behind you
Turn around and I am gone
You'll never see me
Just a feeling that something is so wrong
Each night I wander
Uninvited, from the tower
A nightly guest
Who has come to kiss your life good-bye

From the past, a shadow
A phantom, in the pale moonlight
I can see you
Oh, how sweet is not your face in fright
Your heart is pounding
As you walk through the shadow of the tower
I can smell your fear
And I know that you know that l am near

My Endless Funeral

Like ice now frozen
A moment
An eternity
Underneath the surface
Staring at you

Oblivion engulfs me
Lay me down
Pleasure for you
As a true believer
My soul is lost
Nothing's left for you

Like ice now frozen
A moment
An eternity
At my endless funeral
Your dreams
In vain comes true

Tears will drown you
In pretended grief you gorge
At my endless funeral
The bells toll for you

(the 2:nd Transformation)

Toward the surface
Through the eye of the storm
You'll find the way
The way through the labyrinth
Sweet Leviathan
Across oceans of time
You'll find the way

The path of angels
Watch the shadows dance
Along your way
Behind your back
For each step you take
For each question why

Burned right before your empty eyes
Scattered around the charred bones lie
Wings are broken and feathers torned
No tears will fall for those forlorn
Pale ghosts are rising
From their shallow graves
To devour the last of hopes
To make it fade away

The ever changing tide
The banner fell in the ashes
Upon the field where the victims lie
The way of the butterfly
As seasons change with reason
The truth become a lie

The Temple ov the Worms

Welcome, friends to feast
upon the mighty bowels of God - the late
In putrid stench our supper is served -
rejoice and rejuvenate.
Eat the sins - the rotten flesh.
Devour what's left behind.
Erected is our temple grand
on plagued ground in your mind.

Far from sunlight and deep within
the womb of mother earth.
The moldy tombs. The dark, damp, rooms
where we, deceased, are given birth.
We praise the sick - the king of death.
We salute the lord of germs.
Erected is our temple grand -
the Temple of the Worms.

Inner Sanctum - Sanctum Sanctorum
Where flies do gather
The Temple of the Worms

Hoc est enim corpus meum
Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei
Novi et aeterni testamenti
Mysterium fidei
Qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum

Chime the Bells!
The Temple of the Worms