Legenda the Shadowed Ones the Way of the Serpent


Spectral Fiends of Spiritual Distortion


Past Events

2011-03-19 - Club Helldorado, Söderhamn, Sweden
2011-03-18 - Klubb Underground, Lindesberg, Sweden
2010-11-20 - Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Sweden
2010-11-19 - Kulturhuset, Norrköping, Sweden
2010-11-18 - LÓrient, Linköping, Sweden
2010-08-27 - the War and Hate Festival, Borlänge, Sweden


From the darkest shadows of obscurity, from the gloomy catacombs of the underground and from the hidden vaults of death and doom a name has been carried across the abyss of time. A name of dark dreams and damnation, a name of ancient wisdom and forbidden lore, a name of what ghosts and shadows whisper…

“Hark!” the raven cawed from the scarecrow upon which it sat bathing in the moonlight. “Hark, hark and you may find what lies hidden behind the name and the words that I now leave for you to study! Truth is not the seed I sow but the fruits that you shall harvest in your starving souls! Cover your eyes from the light, hungry ones, and you will not be blinded by the words you read! For what I now will leave you may hide its revelations beneath its dark surface.”

“During the dismal age of the Canvas Clones, when the once celebrated muses where fed but the dust and the spoiled fruits of the human spirit, an urge rose in the hearts of the descendents of the fallen ones to break the chains of creative stagnation and to set free the raging flame that was captured and held at bay within the soul of man.”

“East of Eden, in a place where angels dare not tread, the souls were found of those with minds unveiled and blessed with courage and the gift of sight.”

“The power of creation is not reserved for the gods alone, said the child of Cain as she beheld her bewildered kin. Crawl ye not in the filth of mimics and marionettes, for we are the spawn of angels fallen and this magick, most profound and arcane, lies slumbering within our souls. Now is the time to awake the dragon!”

“During the rite of the Gathering, the foundation of the inner circle of the Order of Nod was formed and named the Equinox ov the Gods.”

“Blessed are the ones with eyes to see the beauty beyond the whirling madness of creation!” the daughter of Cain proclaimed. “Cursed and doomed are the ones blinded by reason and those who fail to see the grandeur that lies beyond the established and worn out ideas, for their souls are devoured by maggots and flies!”

The infamous British poet/occultist Aleister Crowley once stated “Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law”. And, perhaps, to honor this motto and, just perhaps, to indicate the connections to the dark arts the band was named after one of the books written by the Great Beast 666.

The main purpose of the Equinox ov the Gods is to serve as a creative platform for the explorations of the realms of musick that are hidden beyond the Spectral Garden. This somber limbo between the worlds became the gateway through which the dark paths and mindscapes are charted and documented by the band. With a nihilistic approach to the Art of Musick the Equinox ov the Gods bows to no rules except the ones temporarily formulated by the Inner Circle!

Even though often described by others as “gothic” and “dark metal” this has never been paths deliberately chosen. In some interviews it has been stated by a representative of the inner circle that “As soon as you choose a category for your art you immediately set up the limits restraining your creativity. And, personally, I am not interested in restrictions and limitations. I am interested in creation…” But nevertheless the musick has evolved into what may be described as a dark brand of metal with strong Gothic undertones which invokes a gloomy atmosphere and visions of ruin and demise.

A live performance by the Equinox ov the Gods is something more than just an ordinary concert. This is the moment when the mysticism and the magick captured in their musick truly becomes manifested. The band strives to give their audience an experience that includes visual aids such as pyrotechnics, props, scenery and stage make up. In an interview they once described a live performance with the cryptic words “…to play live is in many ways like a shamanic ritual of evocation... to bring forth the beast from within and release it from the chains which holds it through the everyday life…”